RussMatt Baseball welcomes The Florida Baseball Ranch as a 2018 sponsor. Located in nearby Plant City the Florida baseball Ranch is a full service, state of the art, rehab and training facility designed specifically for baseball players.

Hello and welcome to sunny Florida!

The Florida Baseball Ranch is proud to be an official sponsor of the RussMatt Central Florida Invitational. We welcome you and your team to central Florida and wish you the utmost success at the tournament and during the upcoming 2017 season.

My name is Randy Sullivan and I am the owner and CEO of The Florida Baseball Ranch. I’ve been a physical therapist and a baseball coach for over 23 years. I’ve coached at nearly every level of the game, and each of my 3 sons has played collegiately.

As you well know, some of the most important facets of the game are arm health, throwing power and accuracy. Strong, accurate arms at every position can be a game changer, and when it comes to post-season success, the team with the most viable arms at the end of the season usually wins.

Safely developing arm strength is a complex endeavor that requires individualized assessment and multi-dimensional training plans. But if you’re like most of the college coaches I know, you simply don’t have the time to individually assess every player or to create customized training plans for each guy.

That’s where we come in.

We just announced our new special RussMatt FBR Cavalry Charge.

It’s a one day Precision Strike Evaluation and Training Session. We require a minimum of 5 players for your team to attend.

Here’s a look at what we’ll do when you get here.

Each player will receive a full head-to-toe physical assessment to identify any physical constraints in scapular control, shoulder mobility, thoracic mobility, hip mobility, ankle mobility, trunk stability, and motor control.

  • We’ll conduct a high-speed video analysis of every player’s throwing motion to identify any movement pattern constraints that might be limiting his velocity, command, or arm health.
  • We’ll provide hands-on training for all the corrective mobility and stability exercise to allow the athlete to rapidly erase any physical deficits.
  • He’ll get hands-on training for all throwing drills to correct any mechanically inefficient patterns that might be holding him back or increasing his risk of injury.
  • We’ll wrap it all up with a comprehensive, multidimensional, individualized training plan that he can use to guide his process throughout the season and into the summer.

And if you’re among the 15 teams to sign up we’ll throw in a free 30-day follow up video assessment for every player.

This a program that usually sells for $750 per person, but because of our desire to work with highly motivated, collegiate level teams and their coaches, we are offering it to you at a grossly reduced price of only $200 per player.

But it gets better than that!

For the first 15 teams that register at least 5 players, we’ll discount that price even further to an absurdly low $150 per player.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this incredible opportunity, or simply call us at 866-STRIKE3 (866-787-4533) and we’ll tell you all about it.

Check us out at We can’t wait to see you at The Ranch

Randy Sullivan, MPT CEO, Florida Baseball Ranch

©2018 RussMatt Baseball

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