“Just wanted to thank you and let you know Dave that we plan on returning to the RussMatt again next March. We had a great week! Best wishes! Thank you for all your work!

Tim Mead, Head Coach, Walsh University

“Dave, Thanks for your work in setting up our team’s schedule in Florida. We had a great trip, and the schedule was exactly what we were hoping for. Thanks again Dave,

Dave Reinemann, Head Baseball Coach, Wisconsin Lutheran College

“Dave, I just wanted to commend you on the first RussMatt Central Florida Collegiate Tourney in Auburndale and Winter Haven. We had great accommodations, the fields were good (especially for Lake Myrtle being brand new) and the scheduling was great (don’t know how you did it). The weather was a nice break from the early spring we have here in Michigan. Anyway, we will be back next year and if there is anything I can do for you, let me know. I hope all the teams had as good experience as us. When it is over, I think you deserve a nice long vacation.

Steve Lyon, Head Baseball Coach, Grand Valley State University

“Dave: Job well done Dave, we really enjoyed it. Thanks for the time and professionalism.

Jeff Puleri, Head Coach, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

“Dave, I thought everything was great. Thanks again and see you next year.

Jeff Hetzer, Head Baseball Coach, Thomas More College

“Dave, Thanks again. No complaints. See you again next year.

Mike Connelly, Baseball Coach, Bowdoin College

“Dave, as far as Salem State is concerned, it was a great experience. Every thing was simply GREAT. Thanks again.

Ken Perrone, Baseball Coach, Salem State College


Jerry Greely, Head Baseball Coach, Kings College

“Dave: All went well with us. Keep up the great work! See you next year.

Karl Kling, Head Baseball Coach, Concordia University (MI)

“Dave: We could not have had a better experience in Winter Haven. Thanks for all your hard work.

Adam Taylor, Head Baseball Coach, Franklin and Marshall College

“Dave: Rockhurst had a great experience in the tournament, and appreciates your hard work…look forward to next year.

Gary Burns, Head Baseball Coach, Rockhurst University

“Dave, … another job well done! I am just amazed how you do it.

Carl Tebon, Baseball Coach, Loras College

“Dave, I was really pleased with our trip. Your organization was outstanding. I appreciate your efforts and look forward to next Spring.

Bob Gillespie, Baseball Coach, Ripon College

“Dave, We really enjoyed the tournament and we are looking forward to coming back next year. Things were well organized, the fields and umpires were good. You do a great job.

Will Sanborn, Head Baseball Coach, St. Joe’s College of Maine

“Dave, CCRI had a great trip. The facility at Lake Myrtle is perfect. Bahama Bay Resort was excellent as well. Count us in for next year.

Ken Hopkins, Head Baseball Coach, Community College of Rhode Island

“Dave, I thought you did a great job with the number of teams you were dealing with. Pool home was awesome. Thanks for everything.

Tracy J. Smith, Head Baseball Coach Indiana University

“Dave, GREAT JOB!!!!! NU had a great time look forward to coming next year.

Neil PcPhee, Head Coach, Northeastern University

“Dave, I want to thank you for the Spring trip this year. Our accommodations were great and the fields were excellent.

Dan Racher, Head Coach, Montgomery Gernantown

“Dave, I thought things went great! I am excited to see what goes on down the road. Thanks for all your help.

Todd Lynch, Head Baseball Coach at Fitchburg State College

“Dave, Thank you for another outstanding experience with RussMatt Baseball…Lewis University had a positive experience this year and we will be back again next season!

Tim McDonough, Head Baseball Coach, Lewis University

“Dave, The tournament was VERY good overall we will be back next year. The condos and vans went very smooth for us and I liked the venues. Everyone at Bahama Bay was very nice.

Brendan O. Eygabroat, Head Baseball Coach, U-Mass, Boston

“Dave, We were pleased with our trip this year. Thanks for making the tournament special.

Jeff Jenkins, Head Baseball Coach, Rose-Hulman Institute

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